True Liquid Colloidal Silver


True Liquid Colloidal Silver

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True Liquid Silver is a natural antibiotic colloidal silver

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True Liquid Silver is a natural antibiotic colloidal silver.

The specifics on True Liquid Silver are:

  • Colloid size = .006 to 0.15 microns
  • Parts Per Million = approximately  15-25
  • Amber in color and contains no stabilizer, fillers or dyes.

Suggested Use: True Liquid Silver has been proven most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Take 1-3 teaspoons daily, or as needed.

In addition for internal use as an antibiotic, True Liquid Colloidal Silver is excellent for topical use: sore throats, infected gums, mouth sores, eczema, minor burns and scrapes.  Several drops will help heal cuts and minor skin infections.

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