Marine Minerals has devoted the past 40 years to research and development, providing the best herbal, mineral, vitamin and enzyme blend formulations to individuals who are interested in giving their body the best natural ingredients in the world.

Without the proper balance of minerals, it is difficult for the body to break down and absorb vitamins.

People who are active, exercise regularly, are under stress, mental or physical illness, or are recovering from surgery, need  higher dosages of minerals and vitamins.

Our supplements have the power to spark our metabolism, fight fatigue, provide energy, strengthen our immune system and create greater emotional balance.



Begin today — take responsibility for your future, and protect your greatest asset: your health.

The following suggestions are based only on experiences and testimonials.


Liquid Trace Minerals, Stress Free, Lightning Tablets, NV: Nerve Care

Arthritis / Bone & Joint
Arth-Free Platinum, Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals

Liquid Trace Minerals, Workout Sports Recovery, Lightning Tablets

True Liquid Colloidal Silver, Immune Boost, Liquid Trace Minerals, PC: Purify & Cleanse, Enriched Fiber Complex

PC: Purify & Cleanse, GI: Gastro Intestinal, Enriched Fiber Complex

MG: Male Vitality, Liquid Trace Minerals

Prime Enzyme, Stress Free, NV: Nerve Care, Hair Skin & Nails

Midlife Balance, Stress Free, NV: Nerve Care, Hair Skin & Nails, Lightning Tablets

Basic Health Maintenance
Liquid Trace Minerals, Prime Enzyme,  Lightning Tablets, Enriched Fiber Complex

Liquid Trace Minerals, Trace Mineral Tablets

UI: Urinary Care, PC: Purify & Cleanse, Liquid Trace Minerals, Prime Enzyme

Lungs/Allergies/Colds & Congestion
RS: Respiratory Care, True Liquid Colloidal Silver, Immune Boost

GI: Gastro Intestinal, Enriched Fiber Complex, True Liquid Colloidal Silver, Prime Enzyme, PC: Purify & Cleanse

Skin Conditions
True Liquid Colloidal Silver, Hair Skin & Nails, Liquid Trace Minerals

Prime Enzyme, Hair Skin & Nails, Lightning Tablets

Liquid Trace Minerals, NV: Nerve Care,  Stress Free, Enriched Fiber Complex, Arth-Free Platinum

Immune System
Immune Boost, Liquid Trace Minerals, Prime Enzyme, True Liquid Colloidal Silver, Enriched Fiber Complex, Hair Skin & Nails