Owner information

The undersigned wishes to purchase goods from Marine Minerals and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions
  1. To be classified as a Bulk or Wholesale client, customer agrees to purchase minimum annual volumes.
    Wholesale: $2500 minimum annual volume.
    Bulk: $7500 minimum annual volume.
  2. Customer agrees to pay any and all charges, fees and costs associated with customer's order. It is customers responsability to informe Marine Minerals of authorized personell. Any unpaid balance shall incur interest 18% per annum.
  3. If Marine Minerals is not paid according to terms, customer shall pay all fees and expenses associated with the collection of said debt. Customer also agrees to pay a $45.00 fee for returned or dishonored checks.
  4. The undersigned certifies that the above information is correct and accurate. The undersigned agrees to all terms and conditions.