Marine Minerals, founded in 1969,  offers minerals from pure mountain waters, and the Great Salt Lake, as well as enzymes, vitamins and herbal supplements — to help you live a healthier and more comfortable life.  

We at Marine Minerals are totally committed to continual research and development, so we can deliver the most advanced and effective nutritional supplements in the market place. The labs that test our products are recognized as the standard for the industry. The in-house and independent laboratories that test our products provide continual documentation that the products meet or exceed all FDA, USDA and State standards. You can be confident that Marine Minerals’ dietary supplements possess the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity we claim. Health care professionals and individuals are discovering the benefits of balanced mineral supplementation, and Marine Minerals offers the best.

Our Mission Statement

To manufacture and deliver a product of the highest quality to the nutritional supplement marketplace. To educate and increase an awareness in individuals as to the validity and integrity of Marine Minerals products. To set a higher standard of competency and professionalism in the supplement industry, that is principled and is built upon a value system. To help individuals live a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.”