Enriched Fiber Complex


Enriched Fiber Complex

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Whole Psyllium & Apple Fiber with LB Prebiotic.

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Whole Psyllium & Apple Fiber with LB Prebiotic

Suggested use: 1 scoop in a glass of juice or purified water, morning and/or evening. Stir and drink immediately or let stand 1-2 minutes to partially thicken, re-stir and drink. Drink plenty of water when consuming fiber.

Enriched Fiber Complex is a triple blend of fiber based on psyllium, a natural fiber with significantly higher soluble fiber than oat bran.

The importance of fiber in you diet cannot be over stated. Fiber is bulk, the roughage needed by the intestines to move their contents through the digestive tract. Fiber cannot be absorbed or digested. It is not fattening unless eaten in excessive amounts.

Fiber acts like a sponge in the stomach. It prevents and relieves constipation, binds toxins, dilutes bacteria and absorbs water. It also keeps the stool moist soft and bulky.

Enriched Fiber Complex now contains a LB Prebiotic. LB Prebiotic improves lactose digestion, and helps stimulate the immune system. It protects the intestine from harmful germs, and the stomach from H. Pylori. A prebiotic is a compound that stimulates selectively the growth and/or the intestinal activity of each individual. Nutritionists recommend consuming between 20 and 35 grams of fiber every day.

INGREDIENTS: Whole (not powdered) Psyllium Husk, Whole Powdered Psyllium Seed, and soluble Apple Pectin, (which together promote cleansing through bulking and elimination). Also, LB Prebiotic (metabolites produced through fermentation of Lactobacillus Acidophilus LB strain) has been added, which encourages the growth of healthy flora. It also hinders the growth of harmful bacteria.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed .  Full potency guaranteed at time of shipping, and for 3 years under normal temperature conditions.  Refrigeration is not required, but may help prolong life of product.

For Intestinal Cleansing: Marine Minerals recommends using PC: Purify & Cleanse Care, and GI: Gastro-Intestinal Care daily for three weeks, along with the Enriched Fiber Complex.  Nature’s Healthy Salt may also be helpful in a cleanse program.

12 oz. w/scoop

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