Trace Mineral Tablets™


Naturally Balanced Ionic Trace Minerals, Alfalfa & Kelp

Trace Mineral Tablets contain Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals in a “no taste” tablet form. The minerals are balanced, highly assimilated, and a tremendous natural source of renewed energy. They include all the minerals and trace minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake of Utah. These “ionic” trace minerals are powerful conductors of the body electric, and vital to the proper function of ALL bodily systems. Minerals and trace minerals activate the vitamins in the body, and act as a catalyst for our body’s operation.


It also includes Calcium Carbonate which is specially precipitated for superior quality and highly assimilated. Alfalfa is high in chlorophyll which detoxifies the liver and protect the small intestine. Kelp is known for its’ nutritional depth and ability to replenish and immune support.


This combination of nutrients was synergistically assembled:

Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Boron, plus all other 72 vital minerals found naturally occurring in sea water from Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals by Marine Minerals.  Alfalfa Extract and Kelp.