Immune Support Bundle


All-In-One Immune System Bundle


True Liquid Silver™:

Colloidal silver is considered to be the most universal  substance that is nontoxic in its micro-concentration of 5 to 100 parts per million.



Prime Enzyme™:

Prime Enzyme is a combination of highly concentrated plant enzymes which remain active in both acid and alkaline conditions due to the pull apart two-phase gelatin capsule (enteric coated). Prime Enzyme provides unsurpassed digestive support.



Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals™:

The most bio-available mineral supplement available. Minerals are needed for every basic body function. Optimal health can be achieved when ionic trace minerals are taken with vitamins and enzymes.



Immune Support ™:

Immune Support is an extraordinary blend of herbs, vitamins, ionic trace minerals, and enzymes. It contains nutrients specifically formulated to support a healthy immune system or correct  a compromised immune system.



Enriched Fiber Complex™:

Enriched Fiber Complex is a triple blend of fiber using psyllium as its base. The solubility of psyllium fiber is significantly better than oat bran. The importance of fiber in a healthy diet cannot be overstated. Fiber provides the bulk and roughage needed to move contents through the digestive tract to final elimination. Fiber promotes regularity and can normalize bowel movements. Fiber is not absorbed or digested. Fiber also acts like a sponge in the digestive tract by binding toxins until elimination is complete.  It also keeps the stool moist, soft and bulky. Natural sources of fiber are found in whole foods, particularly in whole grains such as brown rice and barley; in legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Typically, diets do not include sufficient quantities of fiber rich foods.