RS-Respiratory Care™


Ionic Trace Minerals, Herbs, & Enzymes

Respiratory Care is a dietary supplement utilizing a combination of revitalizing ionic minerals, herbs, and enzymes to nourish the body’s respiratory system.

Each ingredient is carefully selected and blended to provide you with the highest quality natural product available to support the respiratory system.


This combination of nutrients was synergistically assembled:

Fenugreek, Mullein, Wild Cherry, Horehound, Irish Moss, Plantain, Pleurisy Root, Ginger, Thyme, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, Sodium, Sulfate, Lithium, Boron, plus all other 72 vital minerals found naturally occurring in sea water from Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals by Marine Minerals.  Also contains a proprietary blend of Raw Food Enzymes.


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