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Prime Enzyme

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Essential Digestive Enzymes.

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Essential Digestive Enzymes

A Dietary Supplement.

Suggested use: Take 1 capsule at the beginning of each meal.

Formulated by physicians and manufactured under strict GMP controls, Marine Mineral’s Prime Enzyme provides unsurpassed digestive support.

Prime Enzyme is a highly concentrated plant enzyme active under both acid and alkaline conditions. Prime Enzyme’s unique ability to digest a broad spectrum of foods over an extremely wide pH range offers significant advantages over other dietary enzyme supplements. The enzymes in Prime Enzyme digest dietary protein, carbohydrate, fat, sugars, and fiber beginning in the stomach and continuing to the intestines.

Almost all degenerative diseases are nutritionally related. Many of today’s food allergies stem from the lack of certain enzymes.

Joint pain and gout come from undigested proteins, fats, and minerals that form uric acid crystals that, in turn, get caught in joints.

Yeast and fungal growth can start with undigested foods in the blood stream and are compounded by eating white flour and sugars which feed yeast and fungus.

Extreme fatigue may be caused by an inability to digest proteins and fats which cause the blood cells to clump together. When the blood is clumped it can’t carry as much oxygen and can result in fatigue and slow and muddled thinking. The white blood cells have a difficult time moving when they are caught in the sluggish, clumped blood.

These are  a few examples of what can and does happen to our bodies as a direct result of what we ingest.

90 capsules

INGREDIENTS: Raw fruit and vegetable enzymes in a gelatin capsule, including: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Invertas, and Maltase.

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