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Bone, Joint, Ligament and Sports Nutrition Formula. *Formerly known as Arth Free

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Workout Sports Recovery: Bone, Joint, Ligament and Sports Nutrition Formula

(Formerly known as Arth Free)

A Dietary Supplement. 90 tablets.

Burdock Root stimulates the immune system and reduces swelling and pain caused by arthritis or sprains, or muscle strains.

Mexican Sarsaparilla Root promotes cleansing and clears toxins. As it cleanses the general body fluids it can help to relieve chronic rheumatism, gout, arthritis, and impotence.

Capsicum has the ability to block pain sensation, and inflammation. When taken internally it stimulates circulation.

We add enzymes to the Workout Sports Recovery Formula to give a boost to organ and tissue functions.

Joint pain and gout can come from undigested proteins, fats, and minerals that form uric acid crystals that can get caught in the joints.

Suggested use: 3 tablets twice daily. When desired results have been achieved, use 2-4 tablets daily for maintenance.


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